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Brad Garrett: Racist, Sexist, Homophobe

So, the wife took me out tonight to see Ray Romano and Brad Garrett at the Paramount Theater.  I was really looking forward to it.  I assumed (have I learned nothing?) that Ray Romano would be the headliner, but Brad Garrett turned out to be the big act of the evening.  I could not have been more disappointed.  Brad Garrett was rude, abusive, rascist, homophobic.  Then he would try to justify it by telling us that we’d be laughing about his jokes on the way home, in the privacy of our own cars.  You know, I don’t even mind crude, if it’s funny, but he wasn’t funny.  I guess funny is in the ear of the beholder, but judging from the audience’s less than enthusiastic response to most of his material, a lot of people felt similarly.  He was one “N” word away from being the next Michael Richards.  He made one of the security guards the target of a number of racial jokes.  An Asian in the audience was the butt of a number of Asian stereotype jokes, all the way down to the mimicing of an Asian language.  An elderly couple got their fair share of abuse.  A gal with a large bust was the butt of a number of jokes.  He mentioned that he was recently divorced, so maybe he’s just angry.
He just wasn’t funny.  At all.  I take that back.  At the end of the evening, Ray came back out and joined Brad and they did a little Q&A with the audience and he toned it down a little and made a few funny cracks.  I’m not sure why Ray Romano associates with this guy or risks his reputation by going out on the road with him.  He’s a taller, hairier, meaner version of Don Rickles…  If you like that sort of thing, it’ll be right up your alley.
Ray’s routine was OK, but it’s really not much different than what you’d expect.  He’s pretty much the same as you see on TV, but a little edgier with the occasional *%$! tossed in for good measure.
Sadly, I laughed the hardest at the opening act, Jon Manfrellotti.
The show was definitely NOT worth what the wife paid.

April 7, 2008 - Posted by | Entertainment


  1. Wow we just saw Ray and Brad at Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs. This was a week ago. You have described our night to a T!! Quite shocking and disappointing really…

    Comment by Jacks | March 28, 2014 | Reply

  2. horrendous at the tilles at LIU Post College…filthy, not funny, abusive to first row, racist, and probably inebriated.

    Comment by joan wexler | October 28, 2017 | Reply

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